How Do Cross Trainers Work? And How To Use Them Effectively

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Cross trainers have been a feature at gyms up and down the country for many years now but they have become especially popular in recent years. They are also very popular for using in home gyms due to their ability to work multiple muscle groups at one time.

If you aren’t sure what a cross trainer is, then the best way to explain what a cross trainer looks like is to imagine a bicycle without a saddle. The way that a cross trainer works is quite simple. The flywheel provides the resistance and your movement mimics the acts of walking, running and even stair climbing.

If you are thinking about buying a cross trainer for your home gym, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind first. Here are a couple of the things that you should be looking for in a cross trainer.

Features to Keep in Mind When Buying a Cross Trainer

There are a lot of different features that come with a cross trainer and they will vary a lot from machine to machine. When it comes to buying a cross trainer, here are a couple of the biggest features that you should be on the lookout for.

  • Number of resistance levels – When it comes to looking at some of the different cross trainers on the market, one of the things that you should definitely be looking at is the number of resistance levels that they offer. A basic machine will only offer a small number of resistance levels, but if you have a little extra to spend then you could get a cross trainer with up to 20 different levels which will allow you to progress with your fitness.
  • Built in programmes – Again, if you are willing to spend a little extra money, then you could buy a cross trainer that has different built in programmes. Most cross trainers will have a few, but a mid-range to high-end machine will have multiple. They will typically have programmes for weight-loss, building muscle and even high intensity work outs. Again, these will allow you to progress with your fitness and monitor it.
  • Adjustable stride – In order to get the most out of your cross trainer, you should look for one that offers an adjustable stride. The trouble with some of the cheaper models is that they don’t offer this, which can lead to uncomfortable work outs because you end up straining your muscles. By getting a cross trainer with an adjustable stride, you can maximise the comfort levels of your work outs.

Getting the Most Out of your Cross Trainer

When it comes to using a cross trainer for whatever reason, it is important that you get the most out of it. Here are a couple of tips that will help you to get the best results possible.

  • Use the programmes – If you are trying to use a cross trainer with the aim of losing weight, then the best idea is to use the built in programmes that come with your cross trainer. The reason for this is that they have been designed to allow you to get the best results possible. So, if your cross trainer has programmes for weight loss, it is a very good idea to make use of them.
  • Resistance levels – When it comes to using a cross trainer, you need to make sure that you get the resistance levels set correctly. There is nothing to gain by having it set too high, because the only thing that will happen is injury. Equally, there is no point in having the resistance set too low because you will find it hard to lose any weight. Set it so that it is comfortable but so that it challenges you at least a little.
  • Use online workouts – This is a great idea, if you want to get the most out of your cross trainer. If you take a look at some of the many fitness websites online, you will see that there are work outs that have been put together that will allow you to follow them and get the results that you are looking for. There are specific routines for things like weight loss, muscle tone and more.

A cross trainer gives you a great way of working out every muscle group in your body. It also offers a great method of getting a cardio work out. There are some fantastic cross trainers on the market at the moment that vary in price range, so whatever your budget is, you should be able to get one that meets your needs. As always, make sure you read online reviews for any cross trainer that you are considering as an option. This will allow you to make sure that you are getting a good machine.

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