JTX Zenith Home Cross Trainer Review 2019 – 2020

If you’re looking for a gym-level cross-trainer for your home gym, the JTX Zenith combines top of the range features with genuinely desireable design. JTX themselves have been around since 2007, the Zenith is their deluxe model. It comes at a mid-range price, which is reflected mostly in the choice of materials and the screen functionality. We’re going to cover the build quality, features and specifications of the JTX Zenith, before looking at how it can help or hinder your workout.

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Build Quality

The JTX Zenith is a step above some of their other models in terms of design, it is far sleeker and consistently matte black. Coming in at under £1,000 the Zenith is definitely mid-range, and to be frank this is evident in the quality of the screen and extensive use of plastic- a true high end cross trainer would be less reliant on this. Despite these gripes the cross-trainer has a strong feel to it, and it does come with a lifetime warranty, in addition to three free years of home callouts and servicing- with parts included too.

What makes up for the use of plastic is the really stunning design and time that has gone into the trainer. The Zenith is legitimately good-looking, for a piece of gym equipment, and something that would not be considerde an eyesore, unlike other models or makes which seem to think cheap, exposed steel is fine. One slight point to pick up on here is the state of the welds, they’re covered up quite well but they are rather fat and visible. Overall though there are nice lines on this thing.

JTX Zenith Home Cross Trainer Features and Specifications

  • Electro-magnetic fly wheel resistance
  • 21″ stride length
  • 16 levels of resistance
  • 12 pre-programmed workouts
  • Heart rate sensing through hand sensors or Bluetooth chest strap
  • Q Factor of 150mm- this is the distance between the pedals
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • LCD screen to monitor performance
  • Bluetooth to link to fitness applications on smartphones and tablets
  • i-Console and Google Maps enabled ‘real world’ running
  • Lifetime warranty with 3 years home repair service inclusive of parts and labour

Owning your workout with the JTX Zenith

The Zenith comes with JTXs standard Bluetooth connectivity. What is extra about the Zenith is the inclusion of the wireless Polar chest strap- which is an additional purchase on other models. You can control the settings and resistance via controls on the handlebars or via the Zenith app. Speaking of handlebars- the Zenith has a static pair and a moving pair for engaging your torso, both with heart rate trackers added of course.

The other neat thing about JTX is their i-Console and Google Map marriage, which lets you recreate real world runs. Either around the block in Manhattan or up and over high Alpine passes, but without the high altitude benefits. The smartphone app gives you real world feedback, illustrating ‘where you are’ with pictures and videos. This is not as slick and sophisticated as some other apps on the market. However the way the software works with the hardware to provide resistance is still rather useful- does it spell the end of pre-programmed work outs? It would seem so when its possible to just drag in a route anywhere in the world.

A key feature of cross-trainers is the Q Factor- this bit of information tells you how far apart your feet are when using the machine. For a natural fit the Q Factor has to be quite small, the 150mm found on the Zenith is considered decent. That is, you won’t be running in a weird straddling posture- bad for your hips, knees and ankles!

JTX are doing all they can to be the market leaders in the cross-trainer game, the Zenith is a great pop at combining good design with advanced features without breaking the £1,000 mark. They have a suitable array of support and documentation available online- including cross trainer assembly advice videos.


  • Compatible with popular fitness applications, connects via Bluetooth
  • Sleek design
  • Electro-magnetic fly wheel, smooth and quiet
  • Decent range of resistant settings for a comprehensive workout
  • A long stride length


  • Heavy, but to be expected with a 17kg fly wheel
  • The monitor is cheap and looks not of this decade, or century
  • Not great for tall people with low ceilings

All in all the Zenith have made a solid – literally – cross-trainer in the Zenith. By being consistent in colouring and materials they’ve stepped up from some of their other machines into the aesthetically pleasing category. Improving on this machine whilst staying this cheap is quite hard to do.

The main let down for me is that the initial starting height makes this difficult for tall people to use, I am a tall person, unless they have ample head height. This is not guaranteed. Another let down is old-fashioned screen, are you just supposed to put your iPad over the top and use their app? Outside of that, from a distance the Zenith really looks the part, and at the price, including a wireless heart rate chest strap, it is pretty unbeatable value.

JTX Zenith: Elliptical Gym Cross Trainer.
  • Robust elliptical cross trainer with heavy gauge steel frame provides stable, quiet & smooth workout.
  • Commercial quality components. Sleek gym-style design with a rear 17kg flywheel & extended 21" stride path.
  • 19 Workout Programs: Heart Rate Control, Intervals, Sprints, Endurance, Fat burning & fitness tests. Bluetooth feature links your workout to fitness apps on your smartphone or iPad, providing interactive motion video workouts. The resistance reflects the elevation in the video. Will you choose to workout in Paris or New York?
  • Size: 190(l) x87(w) x173(h)cm. Maximum user weight: 165kg. Total machine weight: 86kg.
  • Life-time frame warranty. 3 Year in-home repair service warranty including all parts and labour.