Reebok GX40 Cross Trainer Review - 2020 - 2021

Written By James
Updated On December 9, 2020

Reebok GX40 Cross Trainer

We've tested this Reebok GX40 Cross Trainer- elliptical machines are one of the key assets of a gym, or any fitness regime, as you are incorporating full body workouts into your lifestyle. Some products have certain design features (for example, you may have fixed or moving handlebars) to help you achieve different goals: fixed to help you work your core, and moving to help you sweat, burning fat off every part of your body. When making a purchase, some of the most important factors to consider are the ease and smoothness of use ( to put less pressure on your joints), clunkiness (should be as silent as possible) and compact, depending on where you intend to keep it. Read on to find out about our rating for this Elliptical machine. For a quick read on the item specifications and overall comments, jump to 1.1 and 3.

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  • Comfortable Use: There are fixed arms on this product, meaning you can station yourself firmly on the machine and work your core to the max. You'll also get a killer leg workout this way, all while strengthening your arm muscles because you're gripping those handles! The pedals are also oversized and adjustable, meaning you can make yourself comfortable in the machine to ensure your workout is as enjoyable and as effective as possible. The handlebars have a bonus sweat-resistant material, so don't worry about the icky feeling of wet handles, especially if you tend to get sweaty palms.
  • Large LCD Display: We love how clear the large LCD display on this cross trainer is, it's stunning to look at. The only point to pick with this is that the buttons are small, meaning you'll have to slow down a little to make sure you select the right option onscreen. You are able to retrieve live performance feedback to help improve your fitness level. The trainer tracks and displays your progress in real time, making you your own workout boss. Information shown onscreen includes speed, distance, time, calories, pulse and RPM.
  • 2 Year Warranty: As standard, you can make this purchase with security at heart, because you get a parts and labour inclusive warranty when you buy this trainer. The customer service by Reebok is remarkable in fact, there is a dedicated UK helpline and online chat service if you ever need any help.
  • Well-balanced Resistance: The GX40’s 7 kg flywheel ensures your workouts are smooth and quiet, all the while making sure this product isn't too bulky and hard to shift around. You truly do get a fluid, comfortable workout experience. This is great for those of you who enjoy low-intensity workouts.
  • Built-in Personal Trainer: There are four fitness programs in the software of this machine, including target time, target distance, target calories and recovery workouts- all to keep you motivated and giving you effective workouts.

Reebok GX40 Cross Trainer

Item Specifics

Dimensions: 1.52m x 62cm x 1.71m

Resistance: 8 Manual Levels

Stride Length: 38cm (15’’)

Height: 167cm

Width: 64cm

Batteries Included? Yes

Colour: Black

Flywheel: 7kg

Shipping Weight: 53kg

Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labour Included

Reebok GX40 Cross Trainer

What's Included

You get one Reebok GX40 Cross Trainer upon purchase off this product- installation is fairly simple, all software is installed. You just need to ensure you use the machine correctly- make sure your hands are situated on the handlebars to ensure the pulse rate sensors actually pick up and feed back your heart rate accurately.



Top Points

We did some rigorous testing of this cross trainer with our team members, and collated a quick list of the best things we have to say about this product. We've listed, below, the main strength points of this trainer:

  • Great for Progression: The 32 levels of tension control allows you to slowly climb up the ladder to make sure you work your body enough to grow, but not strain and injure yourself. 
  • Well-Balanced Resistance: With a flywheel weighing 7kg, Reebok perfectly balanced it to ensure you get a smooth workout. Flywheel weight is often overlooked but in reality, this is what gives you a smooth motion during each rotation.
  • Easy Setup: Compared to a lot of other cross trainers we've assembled, this was a dream to set up. The instruction manual wasn't annoying, tiny scribbles on a page, it was a neat info-graphic style layout. We advise approximately 1 hour 30 minutes assembly time.
  • Handy Drink Holder: Who does't love a these handy slots for our gym supplies?!
  • Clear quality LCD Display: The display is charming, making it nice to look at- all the more reason to buy this machine for your home.

Reebok GX40 Cross Trainer


One thing we would pick up on this particular machine is that, in comparison to other elliptical machines within its price range, this one doesn't have as many preset workouts as the rest. There are only four fitness programs built into the console, while many other elliptical machines we've tried have about 20, 30 even! Another point we could mention is that the buttons are quite small on the display- attractive yes, but this can be a little inconvenient during the heat of your sweaty, intense workout. This cross trainer is also on the heavier side, making it a pain to move around the house. Not great if you like to change your home arrangement a lot.

Reebok GX40 Cross Trainer

The Final Verdict

We asked a few of our team members to test this cross trainer out- read on to hear about Tarek's (40), Julie's (24) and Kyle's (31) reviews on the Reebok GX40 Cross Trainer:

Tarek: " I really love the popping yellow on this machine, yeah, I'd love to have one of these in my home. The use is really smooth too, I don't feel any strain on my bones which is something I usually have an issue with. This is definitely something I would buy, the price is really good too- definitely good value for money. I'm surprised actually, Reebok is mainly known for sports apparel isn't it? I didn't expect their training machines to be this good, I mean it's exactly like something you would find in a high-end gym. Seriously...yeah definitely, It is a win for me. For sure."


Julie: " Gym is a part of my every day life, so I know how to tell between a good quality machine and a cheap knockoff. This one is surprisingly good, especially since Reebok aren't specialists in training machines! I'd likely consider buying this if I ever tried to build my own home gym, but for now I'll stick to public gyms- I like the buzz!"


Kyle: "Wow, that was a pretty nice ride haha. I like that a lot actually, the colour is stunning. Definitely something that would push me to buy this machine over any other in the same price range. I didn't expect a Reebok machine to be of such great quality, but yes I am pleasantly surprised. It is a price I would be happy to spend for my home gym and I wouldn't be unhappy with the purchase either. Winner, absolute winner."


Our ratings on this product:

Appearance: 8.5/10

Functionality: 8/10

Value for Money: 8/10

Reebok GX40 Cross Trainer
  • The GX40’s 7 kg flywheel weight ensures a challenging, smooth and quiet elliptical motion to give you a comfortable, fluid workout experience - ideal for those seeking a low impact form of exercise
  • You can tailor the intensity of your workout, while you exercise, by adjusting the resistance dial located above the water bottle holder: There are eight levels of manual resistance for you to choose from
  • To help keep you motivated, there are four fitness programs built into the console which includes target time, target distance, target calories and recovery workouts
  • The large backlit LCD screen provides the feedback you need to help improve your fitness level by tracking and displaying your progress; including speed, distance, time, calories, pulse and RPM
  • The cushioned footplates can be easily adjusted to suit your stride length while the dual-action and fixed handlebars have a soft, sweat-resistant surface so you can focus on your fitness

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