The Best Home Cross Trainer – Reviews In 2017 – 2018

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
Sole Fitness E98 20” stride length - Incline - 14kg flywheel - Connect Smart Phone / Tablet - 9” LCD Screen - Cooling Fan - Heart Rate Monitor - 3 Year Warranty High-End
JTX Smart Stride Pro 20” stride length - 18kg flywheel - Chest Strap - Heart Rate Monitor - 2 Year Warranty Mid-Range
JTX Hill Stride 18” stride length - 12kg flywheel - 1 Year Warranty Affordable

Top 3 In-House Elliptical Trainers

Buying a cross trainer for the home is a very different process to buying an industrial cross trainer for a gymnasium. Gym cross trainers are a lot more expensive because they need to be more robust for the daily wear and tear of being used by all different kinds of people.

Gym cross trainers need to be strong and durable whereas home cross trainers do not need quite that much durability as it will be, generally looked after more than the abuse the gym equipment goes through. Thats not to say the home cross trainers will not be strong and will fall apart, on the contrary; a good quality cross trainer for the home can be very strong – some even close to the strength of gym cross trainers.

Higher end home cross trainers also have similar features as gym cross trainers, your typical gym cross trainer may have connection to the internet, TV channels etc. which if you shop around, you can find home cross trainers with similar features and sometimes a few more!

In this post, I will go through the top 3 cross trainers designed for home use currently on Amazon. While I share my honest opinion, I have also linked to the product on Amazon where you can see independent customer reviews to aid in your buying decision.

Number 1 – Sole Fitness E98 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Sole Fitness E98A commercial grade cross trainer built for the home by Sole Fitness (learn more here!) an American fitness equipment manufacturer. Sole Fitness are known for their innovative designs and good quality, high end construction of the products. They also have a very good customer service so a complete package.

The E98 Cross Trainer has had a number of Best Buy reviews from consumers and here are some of the reasons why;

  • A long 20″ stride length, which is expandable to 22″ ideal for users of a varied height which also has an…
  • Incline feature to add intensity to your workout to stretch muscles increasing the blood flow in them to work them in toning shaping or reducing body fat
  • 14kg heavy duty aluminium flywheel working along side the electro magnetic resistance to give you fluid and friction-less resistance for a smooth motion allowing for an enjoyable workout
  • Connect your phone or iPod to listen to your music while you work out with the integrated sound system
  • Design of the machine is constructed around the users with features to give you almost a “tailor made” workout to suit your body
  • The option to hold the handle bars at different points giving you the option of multiple grips so you can find the best and most comfortable position for you
  • The tilt-able, large 9″ LCD display makes it convenient to find the best position for your eye-line – giving you instant feed back on calories, time, workout program, and more
  • Incline and resistance controls built into the hand grip bars so when doing a HIIT (high intensity interval training) or LISS (low intensity steady state) workouts, you don’t even need to move your hand away from the bars to change the intensity or incline level
  • Designed by Engineers with input from Physical Fitness Specialists, the foot pedals tilt slightly inwards by 3 degrees to suit your body’s natural form and stance easing the strain off your joints
  • Cooling fan added to give you that much needed breeze when you get hot from the workout
  • Smooth and quiet, The E98 cross trainer looks, performs and feels like a very high end machine
  • Heart rate measurement from the hand grips
  • User profiles as well as exercise programs to burn fat, tone and sculpt body parts
  • 0-40 degree incline
  • 3 Year warranty at home covering parts and labourSole Fitness E98 review

The E98 is an industrial build cross trainer for your home. The quality of construction is fantastic, it has some great features and its the little things like the incline foot pedals and the integrated fan and speakers which makes it stand out.

Working out on The E98, you really feel like you are using a heavy duty gym-standard machine.

With its 3 year, at home parts and labour warranty, you cannot get a better machine for your money.


Number 2 – JTX Smart Stride Pro Cross Trainer Review

smart stride pro 21German manufacturer, JTX, are another company known for their amazing customer service and high quality products in the fitness industry. The Smart Stride Pro is a good quality cross trainer with a nice set of features and benefits;

  • Heavy duty German patented design and a robust build, The Smart Stride Pro makes a very good cross trainer at the number 2 position
  • An adjustable stride length of 18-22″ means that a varied range of users can enjoy working out on The Smart Stride Pro comfortably
  • Semi-commercial specification cross trainer, bring the best of the gym to your home
  • Heart rate sensors on the stationary hand grips allow for instant feedback of your heart rate
  • Inclusive chest strap (when purchasing through Amazon) so you do not need to hold on to the stationary sensors and allows for a more accurate reading
  • 24 workout programs including hills, intervals, fat burning and toning
  • 5 user profiles so everyone using it can have their own custom profile assignedjtx smart stride 21
  • 18kg flywheel working with electro magnetic resistance allowing for a smooth and fluid motion
  • 0-6 degree adjustable foot positioning to allow for reduced joint strain promoting a natural posture
  • 2 year in home service warranty inclusive of parts and labour

Our second is lower in price but still has a very good, robust build and, while it has a few less features, it still has some of the more crucial features allowing you to be in full control of an enjoyable yet effective workout.

Heart rate monitor on the handles and included heart strap allowing for accurate monitoring as well as an adjustable stride length with a good, heavy flywheel means you will get a great workout which is fluid and feels natural.



Number 3 – JTX Hill Stride Cross Trainer Review

JTX-Hill-Stride-Incline-Cross-Trainer-Reviews-sideAnother very good cross trainer for JTX, The Hill Stride will give you some good but basic features and is a great quality cross trainer at an affordable price point.

The Hill Stride has a good range of features which are good for a low impact, high intensity workout;

  • 18″ stride length
  • On board console displays real time data for calories, pulse, heart rate, distance, time and other metrics
  • 12 workout programs allow for a preset exercise
  • 3 levels of incline to increase the resistance while working out
  • Heart rate sensors giving you instant feed back
  • 2 year in home service warranty inclusive of parts and labourjtx-hill-stride-cross-trainer3

While it is number three, it is in no way a bad investment. As I said on the home page, all the cross trainers I review on this site are going to be great buys and built of a high quality, The Hill Stride is no exception to this.

With a good stride length, heart rate monitor, pre-set workout programs and a good quality, German patented design, The Hill Stride is a great entry-level cross trainer. The 2 year at home service warranty is a great finish to a very good deal.


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