Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Multi Gym Review 2021 - 2022

Written By Christian
Updated On April 24, 2022

The Marcy Eclipse home range is a very sleek and modern range of fitness equipment, and today we will be reviewing the HG5000- a red and black, slender fitness station which is perfect for smaller homes. It features all the necessary fitness stations for your different muscle groups- without taking up too much space horizontally! You can stay put in one place and exercise a wide variety of target areas with ease (or not- work that sweat).

Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Multi Gym

One thing we find very clever about the design technology used here is the spring-loaded release pin- this allows you to select the angel of the press arm to cover the shoulder press. It's really handy and gives you extra smoothness. The HG5000 has an independent pectoral deck station rather than a combination one, but it has a great function of simulating free weight motion without a fixed path, so in a way- this is better than using a combination pectoral deck.


  • Advanced Design: As mentioned in the actual product description (and it is definitely shown when you see it in person), this home multi gym is targeted towards more advanced gym users. It has a 90-kilogram vinyl weight which is hoisted up using innovative aircraft cables. Many new multi gyms on the market are opting for this technology because of the smooth feel it provides its users with. While this is designed with advanced fitness enthusiasts in mind, anyone of any ability level can use the HG5000 because the weights are highly adjustable.
  • Heavy Duty: This multi gym is quite heavy for the dimensions it carries, which further emphasises the quality of the product. It's not a flimsy, easily-broken fitness station- it's a quality piece of equipment which will fit nicely in your house.
  • 90kg- 13 Level Weight Stack: At a whopping total weight of 198 pounds, the solid vinyl weight stack has a handy, light selector pin which allows you to switch weighing around a total of 198 pounds, the solid vinyl weight stack has a selector pin which allows you to easily change the resistance level to suit your individual needs. This feature of the HG5000 makes it great for all kinds of users, advanced or beginner. In total, there are 13 weight plates (compared to the HG3000 which has 14), each weighing around 6.6 kilograms (about 14.5lbs) per increment. Lastly, the selector plate on top weighs about 5 kilograms on its own (that's about 10.2 pounds).
  • Varied Pulley System: This multi gym is rich in its variety of pulley systems- you can choose between high, low, and middle pulley systems. High pulley systems take interchangeable gym attachments as well as a lateral bar holder, while low pulley systems use a striker-plated flip-up footrest too. The middle pulley system comes with a dual handle abdominal crunch strap and is equipped with a foam neck support for maximum safety and comfort. These systems themselves are designed with sealed ball bearings for an ultra-smooth, glide feeling.
  • Chest Press Station: There are a total of six adjustments for the angle of incline to choose from, so your workouts are truly optimisable. For instance, certain incline angles may work better for womens' fitness goals, while higher incline angles are better suited for men who are trying to bulk up their pecks.
  • Natural Motion: The pectoral deck arms in this HG5000 multi gym feature independent free motion technology which aims to mimic free weights. As a result, you get to experience motion which is as close to biomechanics as possible.
  • Foam Roller Pads: There are super-soft, sweat-resistant foam supports made out of high-density foam for additional comfort when using the leg extenders. Most multi-gyms don't include these additional ergonomic features, which is why this product is so luxurious- the best of its range.
  • Clip-on Chains: For ultimate adjustability, there are handy clip-on chains that allow you to alter the length of the gym attachments included with purchase.
  • Safety: For your safety, there are safety-weight shrouds which protect the weight stacks from getting damaged. Not only will this protect them from wear and tear, but it also secludes the weight stack from children, so nobody's little fingers will get stuck. In addition, you can be firm and confident in your purchase as this multi gym has been manufactured and designed to comply with the EN-957 global safety standards.
  • Versatile: This multi gym is perfect for use on a variety of different surfaces, including concrete, wood, mats, and carpet! Anyone can use this home gym with ease.
  • Highly Adjustable: The best thing about this home multi gym is that it is highly adjustable to suit each user's needs. Both the seat and back pads are adjustable to six and four angles respectively. In addition, cable tension can be altered to prevent slack, thus providing instant resistance when needed.
  • Multi-Resistant: This home gym is everything in one- it's scratch resistant (yes, we tested this- it's a thumbs up), sweat resistant (the handles don't get soggy and damp), mildew-resistant, rust-resistant, tear-resistant, and lastly -but most importantly- odour resistant. The last one is very beneficial for those of you who are looking to purchase this for commercial gyms. Additionally, the surface is durable as a result of the powder-coated chip-resistant finish.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Specifically, the warranty frame is defined as lifetime coverage, with a 3-Year Parts, Pulleys and Cables warranty, and a 1-Year upholstery guarantee.

Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Multi Gym


Brand: Marcy

Colour: Black / Red

Material (primary): Steel

Maximum User Weight Capacity: 135 Kg (300lbs / 21.5 stones)

Assembled Product Dimensions (HWL): 211 x 156 x 191 cm / 83 x 61 x 75 inches

Seat Pad to Floor Height: Lowest: 47cm (18”) to Highest: 60cm (23”)

Back Rest Pad Dimensions: Length: 56cm (22”) x Width: 26cm (10”)

Seat Pad Dimensions: Length: 44cm (17”) x Width: 40cm (15”)

Assembled Product Weight: 140kg / 308lbs

Batteries Required? No (not included)

Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Multi Gym

The Verdict

Amongst the Marcy Eclipse range, we rate both the HG5000 and the HG3000 as the best- in fact, if you haven't read our comprehensive guide on the top six multi gyms for your home in 2020, do check that out now. These two models have been featured on there, further proving how great a product it is.

As per our final ratings in terms of appearance, functionality, and value for money:

Appearance: 8.5 / 10

Functionality: 9.5 / 10

Value for Money: 8 / 10

Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Multi Gym

There is room for improvement in the Marcy Eclipse HG5000, however, we do recommend this multi gym for anyone who is looking to make a single purchase to cover all of their fitness needs. In comparison to the HG3000, this is a lot more feature-rich, however, it is also more expensive in correlation. Overall, the quality of the product itself is high and will prove to have a long lifespan. If you're more of a light exerciser, we recommend the HG3000 model instead.

Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Multi Gym
  • 90kg solid vinyl weight stack with selector pin | Independent adjustable chest press can angle to flat, incline & shoulder press
  • Independent pec dec arms simulate free weight movement | High pulley system with lat bar | Low pulley with foot plate for seated rows
  • Middle pulley for ab crunches | Leg extension | 5 height adjustable seat pad | Adjustable back pad angle | Heavy duty steel frame
  • Max User Weight: 135kg / 300lbs / 21 Stone | Comes with lat bar, straight bar, ab crunch strap & ankle strap | EN-957 safety compliant
  • Dimensions: Height: 211cm (83") x Width: 156cm (61") x Length: 190.5cm (75") | Warranty: Lifetime frame, 3 years parts, 1 year pads


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