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Updated On June 12, 2022

Home Exercise Bikes Vs Cross Trainers - Our Ultimate Guide!

If you are looking to invest in some home exercise equipment but your not sure where to start, you might be stuck between a home exercise bike or a cross-trainer. 

Home exercise bikes and cross trainers both have lots of similarities for a fuller body workout, exercise bikes tend to be suited for people who would like to improve their cardiovascular health while cross trainers are excellent for improving upper body health.

Home Exercise Bike Or Cross Trainer?

Down below in our guide, we will discuss the benefits of investing in a fitness machine, how exercise bikes and cross trainers compare and some important tips for using these types of exercise equipment. 

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In Home Exercise Equipment? 

Home types of exercise equipment do not come cheap, with a basic exercise bike costing you up to £500 and above, however, there is a wide range of benefits to investing in an exercise machine which makes it well worth the hefty price tag. 

We've listed some benefits of buying home gym equipment below.

  • Eliminates the weather problem - One great advantage to having an exercise bike or cross-trainer at home is that you can work out anytime you like, even if it's pouring down outside, allowing you to stay on track with your routine.
  • Cheaper than a gym membership - Although exercise machines can be a high-cost investment, they do work out to be cheaper than gym memberships in the long run.
  • Gives you more control - With exercise machines, you can adjust options like resistance and incline to make your routine personalised, this is hard to do when cycling outside for example.
  • Convenient - Having a type of exercise machine at home of any kind is convenient, you don't have to go out of your way to get to the gym since the machine is right there, saving you time and being convenient. 

Home Exercise Bikes Vs Cross Trainers - Which One Should I Use? 

If you are stuck between an exercise bike and a cross trainer, you might be wondering which machine would be more beneficial to you. 

To help you out, we've discussed both the notable differences and similarities of these machines down below as well as their key features so you can know exactly what you are getting.

Exercise Bikes 

Exercise bikes are an excellent choice for people who want to do cardio as regular exercise and like the feeling of cycling. This cardio exercise machine can have all the key benefits such as weight loss and improving heart health. 

They differ to cross trainers only in their position, due to their seated design, meaning this type of exercise machine will give you more of a lower-body workout than an upper body workout like a cross-trainer would. 


  • Great for low impact exercise to avoid pressure on joints. 
  • Cheap price. 
  • Easy to operate. 
  • Great for cardio.


  • Doesn't work the upper body as a cross-trainer.
  • Burns fewer calories.

Cross Trainers 

Cross trainers are also a great choice of fitness equipment for a good cardio workout, but the benefits to these machines are that they work your entire body due to the arm handles which you swing in motion, so are the better choice over an exercise bike if you are looking to work your entire body.

Due to the way cross trainers are set up, they are also ideal for getting rid of pressure on leg joints making them a low impact exercise machine like exercise bikes.


  • Works the entire body, not just the lower body. 
  • Burns more calories. 
  • Great for building body muscle.


  • Expensive. 

Which Indoor Exercise Equipment Should I Buy?

Both an exercise bike and cross trainer are ideal if you're looking for forms of exercise which will improve cardiovascular health.

If your looking for and broader workout to use your whole body then we would suggest opting for a cross trainer, but for people who want a lower body workout, exercise bikes will work best. 

Is It Safe To Use A Cross Trainer Upstairs? 

If you've decided on a cross-trainer for your exercise indoors machine you might be wondering if it's possible to use the machine upstairs. 

It is perfectly safe to put a cross trainer or exercise bike upstairs, most houses will be able to support the weight of these machines without any issues, the only thing we would suggest is if you are concerned about the noise then place a rubber mat underneath the machine to help soundproof it.

Home Exercise Bike Or Cross Trainer?

Can I Use An Exercise Bike To Lose Weight?

An exercise bike can be used to lose weight, just like a cross trainer, any form of physical activity which gets your heart rate up can be used to burn calories. This combined with a healthy diet in a calorie cut will be able to speed up your weight loss.

We would recommend using an exercise bike for between 30 minutes to an hour each day if you want to lose weight, you can increase the duration and intensity as your fitness level improves.  

Can I Get A Two In One Cross Trainer & Exercise Bike?

If you are still stuck between a cross trainer and an exercise bike, you might have come across 2in1 models which allow you to do both exercise routines. 

Two in one cross-trainer and exercise bikes are a perfect choice if you want a complete body workout but like cycling sometimes. They are also great for people who don't want to put too much pressure on joints. 

The only considerable difference between buying these 2 in 1 model and buying the machines separately is that they might cost slightly more, but then you get two machines in one! 

Tips For Using An Exercise Bike

If you've decided to invest in exercise bikes and you are a beginner, you might be wondering how to use this machine and if there are any tips to doing so. 

We've listed some essential tips for using an exercise bike as a beginner down below. 

  • Choose the right type of bike - When buying an exercise bike you will be faced with the choice of either; upright bikes, spin bikes which offer more resistance and recumbent bikes which give you more of a reclined position, excellent for beginners. 
  • Avoid pain - When used incorrectly, exercise bikes can cause you some pain, sitting too high can cause knee and back pain, and improper foot position can give pain. Gear setting too high can also give you knee pain so start slow. 
  • Set the bike upright - To use your exercise bike properly you need to make sure you set it up right, the saddle should be able to support your body weight properly, the seat height should also match your height and the handlebars should have proper reach.
  • Adjust your position - Keep a straight spine when riding a bike and sit on the widest part of your saddle. Avoid leaning on the handlebars and keep your feet flat.

Tips For Using A Cross Trainer 

Cross trainers can look slightly intimidating if you're not used to using these machines, if you are a beginner we've put together some tips for using this workout machine below. 

  • Drop your arms - Dropping your arms while working out on a cross-trainer can enable you to have a better core workout, this is because your abdominal muscles are forced to keep you balanced while working out. 
  • Try intervals - Interval training has lots of health benefits and is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn calories, try simply pedaling faster during set periods
  • Try pedaling backwards - Pedaling backwards on a cross trainer is a great way to give your thighs a good workout since the muscles are engaged during the backwards motion.
  • Have an upper body workout - Make use of the handlebars on your cross trainer and try having an upper body workout, swinging the handles back and forth can give you a great full body workout.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exercise Bikes & Cross Trainers 

Are cross trainers more expensive than exercise bikes? 

Cross trainers and exercise bikes are a similar price, both costing anything between £300-£1000 depending on the model that you choose and its features.

Does an exercise bike burn more calories than a cross trainer? 

An exercise bike and cross trainer burn a similar amount of calories, which is on average between 150-300 calories in 30 minutes depending on the resistance that you are using. 

Is 30 minutes on an exercise bike enough time? 

If you are planning to lose weight with an exercise bike, thirty minutes is a great place to start around 5 times a week, as you become fitter you can then increase the duration, consistency is key.

Is a manual exercise bike good for weight loss? 

Manual exercise bikes can be a cheaper alternative to electric exercise bikes and can still be beneficial for weight loss, you will be missing out on features such as timers and displays, but they can help you with your cardio.

Are cross trainers beneficial for burning belly fat? 

Cross trainers provide a full-body workout and are excellent for burning belly fat in combination with a healthy diet.

Home Exercise Bike Or Cross Trainer?

Last Words

Overall, both cross trainers and exercise bikes are a great investment for your health no matter the type of machine you use, allowing you to burn calories, get your heart rate up and work out in all types of weather. 

If you are stuck between choosing an exercise bike or cross trainer then we would suggest choosing a cross trainer if you are looking for a full body workout and an exercise bike for a lower body workout, both will help with weight loss goals, however.


Starting my working career as a personal trainer, I quickly became familiar with equipment around the gym. While each piece of kit has its place in your overall body fitness; I find the cross trainer to be the most effective while mitigating the most amount of risks. That is why I created CrossTrainerHome.co.uk to help others in their home fitness journey.

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