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Workout Tips for Cross Trainers

Best Home Elliptical Machines - Reviews 2015 - 2016If you are looking for a machine that give you perfect, well-rounded workout without hurting your knee and joints, then what you are looking for is a cross trainer. From cardio to strength training to muscle toning, there is nothing that a cross trainer cannot do. The only thing, however, is to know how to get the best out of this machine. The cross trainer can target all the important muscle groups in your body and give you a full body workout. If done the right way, it can burn up to 9 calories a minute!!

However, that doesn’t mean you can simply hop on the elliptical machine and reap these rewards. You need to focus on the exercise, the movement and other factors to get the best results. Cross trainer is nothing like treadmill that can be mechanically set to a certain speed or incline to give you a workout. To be able to exercise effectively on an elliptical machine, you need to focus on the action. It also requires you to put in constant effort from your side so that you don’t lose the momentum.

One of the best ways to maintain your focus during elliptical workout is by adding variety. As a result, you will not only increase the intensity but also burn more calories. Your body will tone and sculpt different muscle groups, making you lean and strong.

Here are some tips that will help you achieve this objective from your elliptical workout.

Grow your stamina by adding intervals

Interval training is one of the quickest ways to enhance your cardiovascular strength. Cross trainer exercises make it easy for you to introduce short bursts of speed in your steady state cardio and reap the benefits of interval training. Intervals mean high intensity of speed and slow phases of recovery. Since your fitness levels depend on how quickly you can recover, you need to train your body to recuperate faster. This can happen if you do interval training on your cross trainer. You can simply pedal fast for 30 seconds and then recover at a normal pace for a minute. Repeat this cycle for at least 4-5 times during your cardio. As you become comfortable with the pace over a period of time, you can also increase the duration and speed or introduce resistance to make it tougher.

Perform backward pedalling action

When you change the motion on your cross trainer, it uses different set of muscles to perform that action. Since your body is surprised and is unaware of the motion, it works harder and ct300-elliptical-cross-trainerencourages better results. At the same time, this motion improves agility as it is an effective workout for your quads and hamstrings.

Use handlebars for upper body workout

Somewhere between your exercise, you can stop pedalling with your feet and use your arms instead. This motion will work your arms, chest and back muscles. You can make it more effective by using interval training method here. It works wonders when it comes to toning your arms and shoulders. If you have been working out on high resistance, remember to dial it down to prevent any serious injury.

Work those abs

We often undermine the importance of core when we perform cardio exercises. However, cross trainer can help you strengthen your core as well. Just let go of the handle bars and engage your core muscles to balance you on the machine. Core muscle groups include your abs, cervical and lower back. By strengthening the core, you will be able to not only get a better looking waistline, but also improve your posture.

Cross trainers can be very helpful in getting a full body workout if you use these helpful tips. Make your elliptical workout more result oriented.

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